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Why Modal Fabric

Modal fabric produced from beech wood is a completely natural fiber type with high wet and dry durability. Modal is highly resistant to wear and has high moisture transfer properties. Fabrics knitted or woven using modal yarn have a soft texture. With its very good moisture protection feature, it offers wearing comfort even in hot and humid climates. Since it has a natural whiteness, bleaching does not require a chemical treatment. Modal, which is obtained by reprocessing the wood pulp of beech trees, shrinks less and loses its color less than cotton fabrics.

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    "I absolutely love buying from this website for my kids store. I'm so glad I found them - Thanks guys!"

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    "Me and my husband run a boutique store and we been searching for the right wholesaler for kids clothing. We finally found this website and it was a game changer! The clothes are so cute and made with high quality material. Thank you so much!"

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    "I just wanna say that this wholesale website is the real deal! I already placed my second order and I can't wait to get it. You guys rock!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sew clothing labels, logo on the items? 

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need assistance with labeling or logo implementation.

Do you provide drop shipping with my labels on garments.

Currently we do not support dropshipping.

How long can I receive my package?

Your package will be shipped within 2 business days from the order date. Please note that delivery times may vary based on factors such as your location. Nonetheless, we will make every effort to ensure that your package arrives within the expected timeline.

Minimum Order Quantity/Price 

The minimum order price is 500 USD.

Return / exchange policy

We accept returns and exchanges for defective products. However, we do not accept returns for any products other than defective ones.